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Arlington | Weatherproof-in-Use Boxes


Arlington's Non-Metallic Enclosure Boxes

Save time and look great with IN BOX™! Arlington's one-piece IN BOX™ series, the recessed electrical box for exterior use, eliminates installing multiple pieces - an electrical box, bubble cover assembly, a siding block on siding. And the job looks great because IN BOX™ installs in the wall, so less shows outside. It's that simple! IN BOX™ meets 2014 NEC Section 406.9 for the protection of exterior outlets which require the use of an extra-duty weatherproof while-in-use cover for all outdoor 15 or 20 AMP receptacles. IN BOX™ is available in vertical or horizontal with clear or paintable white covers.

IN BOX™ for New Vinyl Siding

IN BOX™ for new vinyl siding includes box with weatherproof-in-use cover, installed bug plugs, (1) standard duplex and (1) GFCI face plate, installation screws, and (1) NM cable connector.

IN BOX™ for New Stucco, Textured Surfaces & Rigid Siding

One-piece, recessed electrical box with weatherproof-in-use cover for stucco over masonry or wood construction. Also for cementitious/fiber rigid lap siding.

IN BOX™ for New Brick

Our IN BOX™ for new brick offers features that get the job done fast - and right! Built-in anchor tabs seat IN BOX™ into mortar for a super secure installation.

IN BOX™ for Retrofit Flat Surfaces and Siding

For flat surfaces in existing construction, use the retrofit IN BOX™ on plywood, T-111, and other flat surfaces.

For existing siding, we fitted our retrofit box with a siding profile adapter plate. Available in clear or white for any siding type.

More Weatherproof Products from Arlington

With electrical products installed outside, you need to make sure they're protected from the elements. Arlington provides a large selection of weatherproof electrical products to meet your needs. We offer outdoor light fixtures, supports for light fixtures, electrical boxes, and more.  Check out Arlington's full line of weatherproof products!


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