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UL/CSA Standards and Specifications

Arlington products may be classified according to the following standards and specifications. For additional information, please contact customer service.

Product Group UL Standard UL File No. UL Control No.
Liquid-Tight Fittings UL 514B E60812 351F
EMT Fittings UL 514B E20643 365D
Non-Metallic Cable Connectors UL 514B E28474 388D
Flexible Cord Connectors UL 514B E105706 1B64
Armored Cable Connectors UL 514B E18304 372D
Service Entrance Cable Fittings UL 514B E66990 282F
Grounding and Bonding Equipment UL 467 E75814 910F
Conduit Bodies UL 514B E28474 5B36
Conduit Fittings - Rigid UL 514B E60812 351F
MC Cable Connectors UL 514B E123751 388E
Grounding Lugs UL 514B E86540 910F
Flush Device Box Covers UL 514A E48103 910F
Non-Metallic Outlet Boxes UL 514C E170558 6D39
Product Group CSA File No. Federal Spec No. NEMA Standard
Liquid-Tight Fittings LR49636 A-A-50552 FB-1
EMT Fittings LR49636 A-A-50553 FB-1
Non-Metallic Cable Connectors LR49636 A-A-50552 FB-1
Flexible Cord Connectors LR49636 A-A-50552 FB-1
Armored Cable Connectors LR49636 A-A-50552 FB-1
Service Entrance Cable Fittings LR49636 A-A-50563 FB-1
Grounding and Bonding Equipment LR49636 A-A-50552 FB-1
Conduit Bodies LR49636 A-A-50563 FB-1
Conduit Fittings - Rigid LR49636 A-A-50553 FB-1
MC Cable Connectors LR49636 A-A-50552 FB-1
Grounding Lugs LR49636 A-A-50552 FB-1
Flush Device Box Covers LR49636 A-A-50563 FB-1
Non-Metallic Outlet Boxes LR49636 A-A-50563 FB-1