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SNAP-TITE® and SNAP2IT® Product Notes

Arlington's metallic SNAP-TITE® and SNAP2IT® products have been tested and listed by UL in acordance with UL's ground fault requirements.

N.E.C. 2005 250.97: Bonding for Over 250 Volts:

For circuits of over 250 volts to ground, the electrical continuity of metal raceways and cables with metal sheaths that contain any conductor other than service conductors shall be ensured by one or more of the methods specified for services in 250.92(B), except for (B)(1).


Where oversized, concentric, or eccentric knockouts are not encountered, or where a box or enclosure with concentric or eccentric knockouts is listed to provide a permanent, reliable bond, the following methods shall be permitted:

  • Threadless couplings and connectors for cables with metal sheaths.
  • Two locknuts, on rigid metal conduit or intermediate metal conduit, one inside and one outside of boxes and cabinets.
  • Fitting w/ shoulders that seat firmly against the box or cabinet, such as EMT connectors, flexible metal conduit connectors, and cable connectors, with one locknut on the inside of boxes and cabinets.
  • Listed fittings.