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NEW from Arlington

CableWay™ Cable Runway Support System

For Power or Low Voltage Cable in New or Old Work • Rated For A Maximum Load of Six LBS/Linear Foor of Runway

Arlington’s easy to install non-metallic CableWay™ system is the answer to a time saving problem and UL listed issue. Our new components make it even faster and easier to install!

CableWay Series Part Numbers: T205, T23A, T23C, T23E, T23F, T23H, T23T, and T23W

Features and Benefits

• Support brackets attach directly to framing members, without structural damage. NEW styles include wall mount and flat surfae support brackets.
• Support brackets hold securley in place, and you can open the bracket for easier cable insertion and/or trough installation!
• The slide on five foot wire tray covers and protects cables, install additional trough sections as needed. They join together with coupling!
• Angle and T sections (T23A, T23T) make it easy to turn corners.
• Push on end caps complete the job!

Installation Instructions

Photo Instructions

Strike chalk line in desired location for CableWay™

Install support brackets to framing members. Install brackets a maximum 32" apart and within 16" of each end of runway.

Tip: Use center window in bracket for alignment with chalk line.

Run cables through installed support brackets.

Tip Two: Bracket hinge can be opened for ease of attachment to framing if desired. Simply lift lower portion up and flex catch inward slightly to open.

Photo Instructions

When desired number of cables are run, install cable trough by tilting the trough into the first bracket and sliding it under the installed cables. Raise the trough as it is inserted further into the support bracket.

When the trough sits level with the bracket, slide the trough (also knows as a wire tray) back into a second bracket. Install additional sections using couplings to join the pieces in the same manner as before. Couplings push onto the ends of the raceway.

The last section of raceway may need to be cut to fit correctly. Install end caps where the cable runway system terminates. Endcaps simply push ontp the ends of the trough.

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