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Arlington | Flush-to-Floor Cut-in Boxes


NEW from Arlington

Round Cut-in Floor Box Kits

Flush-to-Floor Installation in Existing Wood and Concrete Floors

Arlington’s Round Cut-in Floor Box Kits offer a low cost, convenient way to install a duplex receptacle flush with the floor.

Features & What's Included

• Easy to install in existing wood or concrete* floor
• Hide mis-cut flooring, cover edges of cut carpet, and
   get a neater finish with an oversized ring or carpet
   ring to match your cover
• 3.5" round UL listed non-metallic floor box, round 4"
   metal cover in brass or nickel-plated brass,
   non-metallic gasket support plate, gasket, UL listed
   15 amp TR duplex receptacle, NM942
   cable connector, (3) #8 x 1/2" flat head screws and
   (1) #6 x 1/2" screw

*Electrical conduit must be accessible from underneath the floor if installing in existing concrete.

Installation Instructions

1. Using a 4" diameter hole saw, cut opening in
    floor approximately 1/2" deep, taking care to
    avoid structural framing members.
2. Next, use a 3-1/2" hole saw to cut through the
    remaining flooring/subfloor, creating a shelf at
    the desired depth for the box. Remove material
    that remains between the saw cuts.
3. Pull cable. Install in box with supplied cable
    connector. Attach box to floor with (3) #6 x 1/4"
    wood screws (not supplied) through the
    U-shaped cut outs in the box flange.
4. Wire receptacle. Install in box.
5. Attach plastic gasket support plate with #6 x 1/2"
    screw. Install gasket.
6. Attach cover to box with (3) #8 x 1/2" flat head
    machine screws.

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