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Arlington | DROP IN™ Box with Steel Bracket

NEW from Arlington

DROP IN™ Floor Box Kits with Steel Bracket

Fastest Installation • Low Profile Metal Covers, Steel Bracket

Arlington's new FLB4364 series DROP IN™ Floor Box Kits are the fastest way to install a box flush with an existing floor. They are designed to save time and provide a neat, flush installation. DROP IN™ box, now with a plated steel bracket, installs in minutes with a single hole saw. Kits come with a gasketed brass or nickel-plated brass cover, but accommodate most 4" covers. The cover seats into the matching low profile, .040" thick plated steel bracket, sitting flush with the floor and reducing trip hazards.


Gasketed Metal Covers in brass or nickel-plated brass
   with flip lids that keep water out and protect the box
Matching Metal Carpet Ring covers cut carpet ends
   for a neater finish
   (sold separately)

Installation Instructions

1. Determine box location (avoid structural framing members).
    Use a hole saw to cut a 4-1/4" diameter opening through the
    floor and subfloor.

2. Insert mounting bracket using indicator marks to align bracket
    for proper receptacle orientation. Tighten (3) wing screws to
    secure bracket to floor.

3. Pull cable. Install in box with supplied cable connector. Attach
    box to bracket with (3) #8 x 1/2" sheet metal screws (supplied)
    through the U-shaped cut outs in the box flange.

4. Wire receptacle. Install in box. Attach supplied gasket support
    plate to receptacle with #6 x 1/2" screw.

5. Cover Installation Install gasket. Attach cover to box with (3)
    supplied #8 x 1/2" flathead machine screws.

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