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Arlington | Non-Metallic Floor Box for New Concrete with SIX Conduit Hubs • Reversible Leveling Ring


NEW from Arlington

Non-Metallic Floor Box for New Concrete
with SIX Conduit Hubs • Reversible Leveling Ring

Arlington's floor boxes, cover kits, and accessories for new concrete are the low cost, convenient way to install a receptacle flush with the new floor. Our new FLBC4502 floor box for new concrete is made of heavy-duty plastic and has SIX conduit hubs and FOUR plugs.

Our new FLBC4502LR leveling ring makes installing any cover easier than ever on any 4.5" concrete box, including our FLBC4500 and FLBC4502. The leveling ring is REVERSIBLE, making it even more convenient! The screw holes on one side of the ring are a universal pattern for any 6" round cover. Turn it over for a second set of holes that fit a cover with a 3-3/8" hole pattern.

Arlington offers a variety of cover kits to fit our concrete boxes including round covers with flip lids or threaded plugs in brass or nickel-plated brass, metal trapdoor covers with three device options, and plastic covers available in five colors.


• FLBC4502 floor box with SIX conduit hubs
  includes divider, pour cap, (4) 3/4" plugs and (2) 1" plugs
  for unused hubs
•¬†FLBC4502 leveling ring is REVERSIBLE;
  Side A Universal screw hole pattern fits 6" round covers
  Side B Screw holes fit covers with a 3-3/8" hole pattern

Installation Instructions for Concrete Box

1. Set concrete floor box into position. Secure in place
    through molded mounting ears.

2. Install conduit as needed using PVC cement. Pull wires
    through conduit as required.

3. Install blank plugs (provided) with PVC cement to seal
    unused openings.

4. Install pour cap. Pour concrete to finished depth.

5. After concrete has cured, remove pour cap. Use a saw
    to cut the box to finished floor height.

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